XRP vs SEC: Top Attorney Predicts Game-Changing Ruling by June

Summary of XRP vs SEC Lawsuit

  • Founder of HODL law, Fred Rispoli, has shared his prediction that Judge Torres may make a decision in the Ripple vs. The SEC case by June.
  • The court is reviewing motions from parties involved such as the SEC, Ripple and third parties regarding specific documents.
  • Fred Rispoli believes there is a 10% chance for an outright win and an 80% probability of the case going to a jury for the question of facts.

Ripple Vs. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Case Reaches Climax!

Attorney Fred Rispoli, who is the founder of HODL law, recently opened up about when Judge Torres might make a decision in the prolonged Ripple vs. The SEC case. In a new interview with Thinking Crypto, he said that the court is currently reviewing motions from various parties including the SEC, Ripple and third-parties regarding certain documents. These documents include expert witness information and Hinman documents requested by the SEC to be sealed while Ripple sought to seal certain financial information. Additionally, third parties such as investment banker and attorney Rosalind Leighton had their own requests for sealing or accessing specific documents.

According to Mr. Rispoli, these motions suggest that we are nearing the end of this process with only summary judgment rulings remaining. He also added that there is a 10% chance for an outright win and an 80% probability of this case going to jury trial for determination on facts which would be one possible scenario. He believes that though it’s possible that the ruling could stretch out till September due to rules but he is hopeful of getting resolution by June itself.

SEC Seeking To Seal Expert Witness Information And Hinman Documents

The recent motion ruling has brought us closer to the anticipated summary judgment rulings with regards to this case between Ripple Labs Inc., Christian Larsen (co-founder), Bradley Garlinghouse (CEO) being sued by US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). As per Mr Fred Rispoli’s opinion piece published on Forbes; ‘the SEC sought to seal expert witness information, and Hinman documents while Ripple wanted to seal certain financial information‘. Third parties like Investment Banker – Rosalind Leighton had their own requests related sealing or accessing some specific documents too in order get more clarity on this issue at hand here in context of US securities legislation..

What Could Be The Possible Outcomes?

As per Mr Fred’s opinions expressed during his interview with Thinking Crypto; there are two possible outcomes which could take place depending upon what kind verdict judge Torres gives after evaluating all available evidence submitted during course proceedings: either an outright win or else allowing jury trial determine facts related this lawsuit dispute between both sides i.e., SEC & Ripple Labs Inc..

What Would Be The Implications Of This Court Judgement On Cryptocurrency?

If judge Torres comes up with any clear rule regarding digital assets then it will have very wide reaching implications not only in USA but rest world over as well since most countries follow similar laws when it comes cryptocurrency regulations . It could also compel other countries update their existing regulations basis findings made by court during its judgement here making sure they stay compliant all times even after judgement gets passed down..