SEC vs Ripple: Judge to Make Hinman Docs Public!

• Attorney John E. Deaton has said that the emails and documents used for Bill Hinman’s 2018 speech at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit, often known as the Hinman documents, will eventually be made available to the public.
• The records could be made publicly available with certain redactions if Judge Analisa Torres refers to them in her summary judgment ruling in the SEC case against Ripple.
• Deaton previously submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request asking for the disclosure of the emails and drafts and has stated his intention to pursue legal action.

Ripple Lawyer Says Hinman Documents Will Be Made Public by the Judge!

Attorney John E. Deaton has recently stated that emails and documents used for Bill Hinman’s contentious 2018 speech at Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit, commonly known as “Hinman documents” will eventually become publically available. If judge Analisa Torres refers to these documents in her summary judgment ruling against Ripple then they will be released with certain redactions. Deaton had earlier filed a Freedom Of Information Act requesting release of those emails and drafts with his intention to legally pursue it further.

Judge Torres Ruling

The SEC has requested that these documents remain sealed even after judge Torres’ ruling on summary judgement, however Deaton believes that these emails and drafts are bound to become public no matter what decision Judge Torres makes about sealing them or not. Additionally, he is confident about it because he believes that there will be more enforcement actions being taken including ones against Coinbase, Kraken and BinanceUS; last year he also predicted a lawsuit by Dragon Chain which is still pending.

Ethereum Blockchain Governs DRGN

The Ethereum Blockchain governs DRGN which is an ERC20 token which might help in defense after obtaining these draft emails; according to Eleanor Terrett Gensler has beefed up crypto enforcement team after doubling it last year with rumors circulating around 2-300 projects facing subpoenas and dozens of companies receiving Wells Notices from SEC.

Brad Garlinghouse’s Criticism

These tweets came after Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s criticism towards inconsistency regarding regulation of cryptocurrencies by SEC which was mainly focused on XRP token although other tokens have been offered without registration statements yet without any kind of warning or scrutiny from regulators while XRP faced immediate action due its growth potential within financial sector markets especially when compared to others like Bitcoin or Ethereum being primarily used as store of value instead of payment method .


It is clear from attorney John E deaton’s tweets that whatever decision judge Analisa Torres makes regarding summary judgement against Ripple we can expect “Hinman documents” becoming public one way or another either through FOIA requests or via some other legal proceedings since their content would surely provide valuable insights into cryptocurrency industry especially now when crypto regulations are already becoming clearer than ever before .