Japanese companies and banks test private digital currency

Large Japanese companies have agreed to participate in an experiment to issue private digital currency on a single platform. Implementation of the project will begin in 2021, Reuters writes.

The group includes more than 30 companies, including the three largest banks, brokers and telecommunications firms. According to the participants, the initiative is necessary for the development of digitalisation in a country where cash accounts for approximately 80% of total payments.

The Group was headed by Hiromi Yamaoka, former head of the Bank of Japan. He pointed to a large number of digital platforms, none of which were competitive with cash.

„We want to create a structure that will make the various platforms mutually compatible,“ said the head of the group.

According to him, private banks will produce digital The News Spy app currency as part of the experiment. However, other organisations can also trust this task, added Jaamaoka.

The initiative will not prevent the Japanese regulator from researching the issue of its own digital currency, the group said. The central bank and the country’s Financial Services Agency will monitor its implementation.

Previously, some large Japanese companies have already conducted experiments with digital currency. In 2016, Mizuho Financial Group Corporation in partnership with IBM completed asset testing for new mobile payment services.

In 2017, financial industry giant Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ announced the beginning of pilot tests of its own digital currency MUFG for domestic operations.

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