Dogecoin Millionaire user interface explained

The Dogecoin Millionaire user interface is built on the same principle as Tradingview or Conigy. Due to the complexity, especially the crypto exchange is suitable for ambitious traders. Nevertheless, the structure is easy to understand with a little practice. For example, all pairs that can be traded on the crypto exchange are displayed centrally on the left. The arrangement is based on their volume. Customers can see at first glance which volume of the preferred cryptocurrency was traded on a given day.

Display of the performance in 24 hours

The detailed display of the performance within the last 24 hours also ensures ease of use. This allows customers to see at a glance how the cryptocurrency has performed. In the „Balances“ section, it is displayed what the current status is on their own customer account; under „Summary“, what they can actually trade at the moment.

In general, the user interface is structured and customers can find all the information they need. In addition to the price, the selected or type as well as the trading type or wallets (exchange/margin) are also displayed. The order book must not be missing from the display either.

The Dogecoin Millionaire Order Book

The order book is not manipulative, at least in the stock market. However, with crypto trading, it is a bit different. While the book should not be manipulated in principle, there is still a possibility. Such manipulations are carried out, for example, by:

  • other users
  • Bots

The term for this is „spoothing.“ Since the crypto market is not regulated, it can be done without consequences. For the reason, users should not rely only on the order book.

Dogecoin Millionaire experience with negative balance

Dogecoin Millionaire customers may see the following message: „You currently have a negative balance in one of your Wallet. Please settle this negative balance before submitting a withdrawal.“ How does this happen and what are the reasons? For example, those who have purchased IOTA for Bitcoin may find this error message. To fix this error, customers need to sell something in USD to stop seeing this message. However, the reason for this is not necessarily a negative account balance, but rather a bug in the system.

Error on the platform

This error has been known since November 29, 2017, as there were several flash crashes on Dogecoin Millionaire. As a result, customers lost millions of USD as their stop-loss orders were executed at particularly low prices. In addition, long margin positions with negative balances were liquidated. Due to the delayed closing of the positions, the coins fell by up to 98 percent, triggering a large loss. Initially, Dogecoin Millionaire denied any technical responsibility, but customers are evaluating. So, the flash crash was investigated more and it came out that it was not caused by a normal market movement. Instead, technical issues (server failures, bugs as well as a non-functioning API) were causative. The reason may also have been a manipulated or „wrong“ order book.