image We've been working with the BBC to create a truly innovative television show for Children's BBC (CBBC). BAMZOOKi is a nationwide competition to design the best ZOOK – computer-generated creatures that are able to move and behave autonomously. The programme features cutting edge computer simulations that form the core of a unique television game show experience that was first broadcast on CBBC in March 2004.

With three series now ‘in the can’, a BAFTA nomination and winners of the “Prix Jeunesse” BAMZOOKi STREETWARS is coming back as an extended 30 minute show for series 4 to be broadcast Q4 2009. we are continuing to develop new tools and content – and want to enable Zook fans to compete with each other over the Internet. To date, more than 1,000,000 children have downloaded the Zook creator tools from the official CBBC Bamzooki website at

Gameware's team uses its extensive experience in Artificial Life programming techniques to provide the ZOOK’s autonomous movement and behaviour and integrate this with the BBC's virtual studio system to enable real-time visualisations in a studio setting, resulting in a totally new and exciting entertainment experience.

Gameware is now working together with the BBC to develop and distribute an updated version of the BAMZOOKi Zook Kit to support BAMZOOKI STREETWARS 2009.