Console and Compilation titles

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Creatures Internet Edition/Creatures Gold

Creatures 3 bundled with Docking Station was sold by the name of Creatures Internet Edition as well as Creatures Gold. Both include the exclusive Magma Norns. Creatures Gold was published by Focus Software and Creatures Internet Edition by Fastrack Games. CIE for Linux was published by Linux Gaming.


Creatures Trilogy

A bundle of Creatures 1, 2 and 3 sold only in the US by Encore Software.

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Creatures Playstation 1

Developed by Conspiracy Entertainment and published by Swing!, this PS1 version of Creatures was available in Europe only.

Creatures Gameboy Advance

Another Conspiracy/Swing title for Europe only.


Creatures 2 Deluxe

Creatures 2 bundled with Life Kit 1 and released in 1998.

Creatures 2 Life Kit 1

Boxed version of the first Life Kit for Creatures 2 that was released in 1998, now available to download for free.


Creatures Deluxe

Creatures 1 bundled with Life Kit 1, released in 1998 by Mindscape Entertainment.

Creatures 1 Life Kit 1

Boxed version of the first Life Kit published by Mindscape Entertainment in 1997, also available to download for free.

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