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Creatures 2 Life Kit 1

Please note: if you have The Albian Years, this download is not required as it has already been installed.

Life Kit #1 brings more excitement to the world of Albia, New Golden Desert Norns add diversity to your hatchery with four new eggs, plus the incredible Metamorph device changes gender and create female Grendels and Ettins, so you can breed them. The Stone of Ancient Knowledge teaches creatures all of the words they will ever need to know. The World Switcher lets you create new Albias and switch between them. And even more new objects give you more ways to interact with your creatures and explore their worlds.image

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imageDownload the Life Kit (9.24Mb Self-extracting archives):

C2 Life Kit 1 - English
C2 Life Kit 1 - Dutch
C2 Life Kit 1 - German
C2 Life Kit 1 - French
C2 Life Kit 1 - Italian
C2 Life Kit 1 - Spanish

To use this pack:

  1. You must download the Updated Object Injector and install it before you can inject any of the COBs in this pack.

  2. Download the self-extracting archive to any location on your computer (the desktop is a good place).

  3. Make sure that Creatures 2 is not running.

  4. Double click on the downloaded file to extract the files.

  5. Run Creatures 2 and start your Agent Injector Applet. You can now click on the new items and inject them into Albia.