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What's Creatures all about?

We've all heard of artificial intelligence – Creatures is artificial life. Since its release in 1996, Creatures has charmed and amazed adults and children alike with its believeable and lifelike characters and open-ended and in-depth gameplay. Find out more about all the titles in the series or browse through our collection of historical documents, Creatures stories, and articles about the technology behind the games.

If you want to develop third party agents or learn more about genetic engineering, check out the Creatures Development Network for tutorials, technical documents and free downloadable tools that will help you get started.

Download a fully-functioning Creatures game for free!

Docking Station is a completely FREE artificial life game for both Windows and Linux. To get Docking Station you first need to register for Docking Station and then download the game software from a wide range of mirror sites. If you have Creatures 3, Docking Station will dock to it, creating a much larger play area with all of Docking Station's new communications features. Visit Docking Station Central to learn more about this fantastic, free Creatures title.

More Free Stuff

We have tons of free downloads for Creatures, from Norns, Ettins and Grendels to tools, agents and downloadable documentation. Browse the menu at left and get downloading!

Help and Support for Creatures products

If you're looking for technical help with any of the Creatures series of titles, you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions or search the Knowledgebase.

You can also check out the Forums if you don't find the answer to your query or just want to chat. Regrettably, Gameware can not offer email or phone technical support at this time.

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